Monday, September 29, 2008

Trans for Obama

While transgender workplace diversity issues are not inherently tied to any political ideology, it is clear that the Presidential candidates have different takes on the subject. Barack Obama is supportive of transgender workplace rights but John McCain is not supportive of transgender workplace rights. One of the important stories of transgender workplace diversity in the present climate is that the transgender community and its allies are beginning to exercise their voice and political influence. Today, the transgender blogging community is working on exercising these with "Trans for Obama" blog day, asking people to donate $5 or more to Barack Obama's campaign for president via a fund set up specifically for transgender people and their allies at The idea that a presidential candidate would want funds from such a source demonstrates a major change in the political fortunes of transgender people.

On a professor's salary, I can hardly afford to support presidential campaigns (or Wall Street bailouts), but I also know that failure to support those who support transgender workplace issues will cost our country far more in the long run. Furthermore, as a group, if we each give even a $5 donation, that will amount to thousands of dollars.

It's asking a lot to ask you to shell out at a time of national financial crisis, but good leadership will make a difference for you and for all of us. We have just won a major legal victory in the employment case brought against the Library of Congress. The momentum gained from this decision will help Congress begin to understand the importance of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act for transgender and gay people. Donating to help usher in a new era of more progressive leaders is another way to make trans-inclusion a reality.

I ask you to donate also to show that the transgender community is alive and well, and that there are many of us out there who are willing to stand up and be counted. It is easy to read this and do nothing, feeling that nothing will make a difference. I know that what I am asking takes courage and willingness to go beyond the feelings of helplessness that have been drummed into us by our national leaders. Please join me in standing up and being counted.

Just click on this link:

Thank you for being willing to make a difference for our community.

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Update: As of Tuesday, 9/30, 235 people have contributed almost $12,000, making this the 7th busiest Act Blue page for Obama in the U.S.

These efforts have been acknowledged by the Obama campaign.