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Monday, March 27, 2006

News: DC Transgender Ordinance

The District of Columbia has added “gender identity or expression” to the city’s existing anti-discrimination legislation. The new ordinance explicitly bars discrimination on the basis of “gender identity or expression.” The "Human Rights Clarification Amendment Act" was cosponsored by all 13 members of the City Council, unanimously passed, and approved by the U.S. Congress.

The name of the bill, the "Human Rights Clarification Amendment Act" is interesting because it adverts to the fact that the previous version of the district's Human Rights Act had been interpreted by the courts to apply to transgender people. The new version clarifies the law to make it explicit in the text.

DC is headquarters to the following Fortune 500 companies: Pepco Holdings, Danaher, Washington Post, Harman Intl. Industries, and WGL Holdings.

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