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Thursday, May 4, 2006

News: HI & VT laws; Wendy's and ExxonMobil

Poinography reports on the new Hawaii law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation:

"HB 1233 became Act76 without the Governor's signature yesterday. As expected, her message (PDF) explaining why she would not sign the bill into law cites (bogus)
concerns over privacy in public accomodations (read restrooms and locker

Vermont Senate approves gender identity nondiscrimination bill

"...it now seems likely to pass. When it came up on the Senate calendar late
Wednesday, it was quickly debated and passed and then forwarded immediately to
the House. House leaders said they were likely to concur with changes the Senate
made to the bill and send it to the governor."

Wendy's International Adds Policy Protections: " Fast food chain Wendy's International has agreed to amend its employment nondiscrimination policy by adding new written protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity for all employees."The change came after lobbying by one of the company's biggest shareholders.

ExxonMobil Shareholders Vote on Anti-Discrimination Policy: A shareholder resolution is being voted on that, among other things, reads: "The company will prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender expression or gender identity as part of its written employment policy statement."

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