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Friday, July 7, 2006

News: San Francisco attempts to improve employment conditions

"It's no secret that the transgender population alone makes significantly less money than the LGBT community at large, and that employment discrimination even in liberal areas like San Francisco continues to occur in overt as well as more nuanced ways. A recent survey conducted by the Transgender Law Center in conjunction with the San Francisco Bay Guardian showed that 59 percent of transgender respondents made less than $15,299 annually, with only 8 percent earning above $45,000 annually."

This article discusses recent attempts by the San Francisco City Council to improve employment prospects and conditions for transgender people in that city. It notes that the effort extends beyond hiring practices, and that employers need to be aware of the differing needs and rights of transgender employees.

It leaves me wondering, however, how employers will be made aware of the needs of transgender employees. That's going to take more than a pamphlet and a phone call.

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