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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Forced Out: A Real ID problem for trans people

When I last blogged on the popular issue of company records, we were discussing the new Homeland Security regs. The Advocate's Joanne Herman has just put out a column on the issue: "Forced out: A real ID problem for trans people." The blurb: "Changing one's name and gender marker privately can be tricky if you're transgender, and a new law designed to thwart terrorists is about to make it a lot trickier. Part 10 in The Advocate's ongoing Transgender 101 series " It's particularly interesting because it tells her story about what happened when she was transitioning on the job, and it neatly summarizes the catch-22 quality of the issue.

1 comment:

beth said...

Nothing like terrorist transsexuals to worry about now.