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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Stanton's Reply to City of Largo Resolution No. 1924

Here's a link to "Reply to City of Largo Resolution No. 1924," submitted by Karen M. Doering, attorney for Steven Stanton, Largo City Manager. The Reply makes four points:

I. Terminating An Experienced, Effective and Highly Skilled City Manager Does Not Serve the Best Interests of Largo Residents.

II. The City Should Base Employment Decisions On Objective Performance Criteria And Comply With Its Own Non-Discrimination Policies

III. Mr. Stanton Followed Professional Guidelines For Disclosing His Transgender Status To His Employer

IV. Transitioning Permits Transgender People To Live Healthy, Productive Lives

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1 comment:

starzero said...

i spent last week in largo. after reading the tampa paper's articles about steve/susan i felt great sympathy for his plight. however, after talking with a city employee i heard a different side of this story. apparently, steve was a fairly abrasive person who made no bones about playing favorites. he also had a tendency to steamroll opposition, both internal and external, and plenty of people seem to dislike him as a person, regardless of his gender preference. i wonder if this animosity will have any impact on the legal issues involved. at this point, does it really make sense for him to work for largo when so many people are upset about him?