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Sunday, April 29, 2007

New York State gender identity bill moves onward

GENDA, the New York State bill that would add gender identity to the State's non-discrimination statute, is slowly moving through the legislative process. It passed the Governmental Operations Committee, and now it has to go to the Codes Committee and then the Rules Committee. In 2003 it died in committee, so this doesn't mean much. But I'm proud of my representative, Michael Benedetto (D-Bronx) who voted YES. Good for you, Michael.

I discussed the bill and the state of the law in New York previously here. I also just noticed a great post on the Empire State Pride Agenda blog with links to some interesting articles and the text of the bill.

I know Empire State Pride Agenda is working on this, but I don't hear much from the wider gay community. I remember when they passed SONDA in 2002, and they told the transgender advocates to lobby for it despite the fact that it left transgender people out, that they would push for another bill to protect gender identity -- and it's 5 years later, and there's a few advocates talking about this but the wide public support needed seems absent. Now we're on to New York State same-sex marriage and DP benefits and everything else. Where's the love, people?

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