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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Steve Stanton on Daily Show Video

Autumn Sandeen's blog has a link to a segment with Steve Stanton on The Daily Show. It included interviews with Stanton, Largo residents, and a disapproving former mayor, as well as snippets from the City Commission hearings.

The Daily Show is a very successful Comedy Channel production that discusses current events and politics from a left-leaning point of view and with a heavy emphasis on the comic aspects of life. I showed the segment to my partner, whom I unfortunately forgot to inform about The Daily Show. She had no idea that it was a comedy show, and was appalled when they made absurd suggestions, such as the idea that scientific studies had shown that the portion of the brain responsible for city management is located in the penis, and interviews with Largo residents who said dumb things. At the end, they took a giant scissors ... well you'll see when you view the segment. My partner couldn't understand why I was laughing.

I thought the segment was hilarious, demonstrated that Stanton was fired because of his gender identity, showed that some Largo residents, including the former mayor, are bigoted toward transgender people, and generated a great deal of sympathy for Stanton's plight. Yes, it was slightly disrespectful, but the spirit in which it was written appealed to me greatly.

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