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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Broward County, Florida, passes gender identity ordinance

Broward County, Florida commissioners passed an ordinance protecting gender identity and expression.

From the Miami Herald
Posted on Wed, Feb. 13, 2008
Transgender residents protected in Broward

Transgender people and pregnant women are now protected groups in Broward County after the County Commission voted to make it illegal to deny housing or jobs to those two groups.

With Tuesday's vote, Broward joins a growing number of local governments across the nation to include ''gender identity and expression'' in their non-discrimination laws. And the two new criteria will join 11 other categories in the county's Human Rights Act, such as gender, race, color, marital status and sexual orientation.

Right now, local governments in more than 25 states offer some protections for transgender residents. In South Florida the list includes: Palm Beach County, Monroe County, Miami, Miami Beach and West Palm Beach.

And Tuesday, one-by-one, more than 20 speakers took the podium and praised commissioners for adding Broward to the list. And many of them arrived before the county to share their own tales of discrimination, like LeAnna Bradley, who talked about what it was like to have paramedics refer to her as ''it'' while riding to the hospital. Or Jacqui Charvet, who lost her job after telling her boss she was going to start the medical process to become a woman. Or Nikki Hatch, who described receiving stares, rude comments and even, at one point, a mail bomb.

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