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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Japanese employee suing over gender identity firing

From the Mainichi Daily News:

February 14, 2008

SHIZUOKA -- A man born as a woman on Wednesday sued a company here seeking compensation, saying it withdrew a job offer because it learned he is suffering from gender identity disorder.

The man has asked the Shizuoka District Court to declare the withdrawal of the job offer from advertising design company Ad Technica illegal and for the firm to pay 1.98 million yen in compensation.

"If people with gender identity disorder openly disclose their condition while applying for jobs, they haven't got a hope in hell of being employed. If the company is allowed to get away with this, it will rob the rights of gender identity disorder sufferers to live," said a lawyer for the plaintiff, a 33-year-old man who has the physical characteristics of a woman.

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The Japanese Gender Identity Disorder (GID) Law was enacted in July 2003, allowing some transgender people in Japan to change their gender status in their family registers. By the end of 2005 about 330 people had done so. The legal situation in Japan is covered in this article and this one.

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