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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Transworkplace.ning.com: Networking Site for Transgender Workplace Diversity

I am launching a networking site for transgender workplace issues: http://transworkplace.ning.com. It is intended to complement this blog by putting readers with resources in touch with each other. HR managers, diversity professionals, lawyers, transgender employees and allies are invited to visit the site and to join.

Technology for sharing information is multiplying at an amazing, (or alarming, depending on your point of view) rate. Social networking is the rage today, as the mushrooming growth of sites like Facebook and MySpace attests. Business networking is also changing as a result of these sites. Online networking greatly increases the ability to find and share resources in many different areas, including transgender workplace issues. I remember a client who contacted me after searching for literally years to find someone qualified to consult on gender transition issues. While there is no dearth of websites today that discuss transgender workplace issues, it can be difficult to connect with the right people when they are needed.

Please come and visit the new site and join, and invite others to join. Create discussions and groups and upload information, pictures, videos and whatever you think might help others.

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