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Monday, October 12, 2009

What's Happening On ENDA?

What's happening on ENDA? The House is practically on board, and the vote will happen in the next few weeks. My calculations, as shown in the Inclusive ENDA House spreadsheet, show 212 likely yes votes, with another 6 needed for passage. They are 98% of the way there.

The real fight on ENDA is in the Senate, where there are only 49 confirmed yes votes. That's only 82% of the way there. Another 7 are likely yes votes, but they're not saying. Even so, 4 more votes will be needed to get ENDA passed.

If you're interested in specifics, let me say that there are 16 Senators who are on the fence about ENDA. Political calculations and more after the jump at Bilerico.com.


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