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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Florida Coastal Law Review

I will be speaking in Jacksonville, Florida, on March 5, on the subject of LGBT non-discrimination laws and objections based on freedom of religion.

Florida Coastal Law Review Symposium


genevieve said...

Best of luck, Jillian.

Blog in Common said...

Thank you for attending our Law Review. It was a valuable experience for me and many of my fellow students and we very much appreciate you being a part of it.

Amy said...

I found your presentation compelling. Thank you for coming to the symposium. You are refreshingly candid and funny, which are two practically unheard of things in law.

Amy said...

I really enjoyed your presentation at the symposium. I found it very interesting. You are candid and funny, two thing I never see in law.

ReboundMS said...

This is something that I wish I had been there for. Sounds like it was fun! Will be keeping an eye out for you.