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Friday, October 29, 2010

Transgender woman receives hate-filled letter from DMV employee | abc7news.com

This story demonstrates the difficulties that transgender people can have in attempting to access government services for something as simple as a name change on a driver license, even in a relatively LGBT friendly area like San Francisco.

Transgender woman receives hate-filled letter from DMV employee | abc7news.com: "A hate-filled letter sent to a San Francisco transgender woman has prompted an investigation at the Department of Motor Vehicles. The anti-gay letter claims to have been written by a DMV clerk who assisted the woman at the San Francisco branch last week.

The usually painful experience at the DMV became a traumatic one last week for Amber Yust. A transgender woman, Yust went to the San Francisco branch to legally change her name on her driver's license.

A few days later a letter was mailed to her house. The writer claims to be the DMV clerk who helped her and then went on to say being transgender is 'evil.' He urged her not to go through with the transition from man to woman. He said Yust is going to hell."

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