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Thursday, February 10, 2011

British Columbia's Transgender Rights Bill Passed

B.C. MP's transgender rights bill passed by House of Commons | Vancouver, Canada | Straight.com: "MP Bill Siksay’s bill to protect transgender people from discrimination was passed by the House of Commons today (February 9).

Members of Parliament voted 143 to 135 to pass Bill C-389 through third reading."

The bill still has to pass the Senate.


Victoria S. said...
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Victoria S. said...

Hi Jillian - please note that British Columbia is a province in Canada, one small part of which (Burnaby - a suburb of Vancouver) is represented by MP (Member of Parliament) Bill Siksay. MP Siksay - openly gay, and a very good trans ally, this is the third time he introduced this bill - sits in the federal House of Commons (Parliament); hence, this is federal, not British Columbia legislation. Bill C-389 still needs to pas the Senate,a and that's a big concern. Most of the ruling Conservatives voted against this Bill (including Prime Minister Stephen Harper), nearly defeating it. Also, the Catholic church and others have been actively campaigning against passage of C-389, citing the ever-ominous bathrooms / showers fear-mongering tactic (as if that's ever happened). And on it goes. ... Sincerely, Victoria Stuart, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Dr. Jillian T. Weiss said...

Good point, Victoria. The quote from the original source notes that it is a bill originating from "B.C.'s MP," but doesn't specifically state that it is in the federal parliament. Readers should know that this is a federal bill.

Mindy said...

Although I am not transgender, I feel the level of acceptance and protection for transgendered people. I wish that the American government could open their minds in order to protect transgendered people as well. I am just waiting for this time period of inequality and injustice to end.