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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

California Bill Could Protect Cross-Dressing in the Work Force - FoxNews.com

This news headline and story from Fox News is interesting, because it makes no mention of the fact that California already protects gender identity and expression in the workplace. The new law would add those words to the civil rights statute in order to clarify that such protection already exists. Thus, the new law would provide no greater protection than the old. It appears as if the story is focused on the fears of opponents, rather than the facts of the proposal. The article also implies that the potential prejudices of customers, real or perceived, should permit an employer to fire an employee based on protected characteristics, whether gender identity, race or religion.

California Bill Could Protect Cross-Dressing in the Work Force - FoxNews.com: "A California bill working its way through the state legislature providing more protection for transgender individuals in the workplace could allow for cross-dressing employees to wear whatever they want to work, despite workplace dress codes."

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Delphi said...

I also thought CA law protected gender identity. I began transition in one hospital without serious incident. I was able to get my ID gender marker changed. When I got hired by Victor Valley Hospital in 2010, my gender marker was not recognized. Overt discrimination and a complaint later deemed false led to my becoming an ex-employee. From my standpoint, this "gender identity" protection is a farce, and not based solely on opinion.