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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Check your references: "It was a lawyer."

Here's a great idea if you're looking for a new job post-transition. Make sure your old employers aren't slandering you and/or making a mess of your gender history.

 Personal story: When I was terminated at the time of my transition 15 years ago, I had a firm check my references. I had contacted my prior employer to explain that I did not want them to reveal my gender transition, and to respond appropriately to inquiries in my new name. I hired a reference-checking firm, which called my prior employer.

 Long story short, when asked what I did for the firm, the stilted response, after an oddly long pause, was "It was a lawyer." I've moved on since then, and let's hope they have as well.

 I have decided to make this reference-checking a standard part of my practice, and found the firm Allison & Taylor online, who seem to be reputable.

Here's their blurb:

 "Looking for a job is tough. Applying, interviewing, and waiting for call backs can be very stressful. Don’t let your references be another cause for concern during this stressful time. Let Allison and Taylor find out for sure what your former employer has to say about you.

Here is what one of Allison and Taylor’s client said after getting their reference report:

 “This report provided great peace of mind, knowing that a former boss had a favorable opinion of my efforts and and work ethic. I was quite relieved!”

 Don’t just assume your former boss will say something good about you. Be sure and have that peace of mind. 


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