Friday, May 25, 2018

Under The Skin: Why That 'Arrested Development' Interview Is So Bad

This story about the popular TV show “Arrested Development” reminds me of what so many of my clients endure. Not as much the hurled epithet, as the constant negation of their daily experience of humiliation based on their gender, the normalizing excuses, and the entitled assumption that they should just “take it.” And when they do stand up for themselves, there is the shocked puzzlement at their audacity, the protestations of how well they were treated despite their gender, the sudden revelations of their unworthiness for newly-revealed supposed faults. And above all, the implication that the victim is hypersensitive and ungrateful, adding insult to injury. But the more we stand up for ourselves, the more we reveal what’s crawling under that pretty rock, the more people come to understand that such behavior is not only socially unacceptable, but unlawful.
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