Thursday, October 11, 2018

Equality Case Files: Trans Plaintiffs Awarded Verdict for Denial of Coverage for Medical Care

UPDATE: Jury verdict, signed:
Also, we'll update the docket later today with the jury instructions:
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Verdict in Boyden v. Conlin (UW-Madison employees sue Wisconsin over denial of coverage for transition-related medical care)
Verdict in favor of plaintiffs. Damages award for exclusion/denial of health care: Alina Boyden awarded $300,000; Shannon Andrews awarded $479,500.
The difference in award reflects fact that Shannon had already paid out-of-pocket for health care that her insurance should have covered.
Judge Connelly said this after the verdict (my best attempt at direct transcription while he was speaking):
"You should take pride in what you accomplished in this case. I don't underestimate the courage that it took to step forward. I was struck by the fact that as two very articulate, talented young women you were able to describe and succeed over very difficult challenges. I hope you take that away. The jury clearly understood the pain and reflected that in their award."
I'll update the post with the final official verdict form as soon as it goes on the docket.m

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