Wednesday, November 7, 2018

With Democrats winning the House, LGBT advocates have great expectations

Congrats to House Dems. We love you and now that we're one big happy family the LGBTs have big expectations.

"Sarah McBride, a transgender advocate and spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, identified the Equality Act as a top priority with Democrats finally in control of the House...Although the Equality Act, which would expand the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to bar anti-LGBT discrimination, is unlikely to become law if Democrats control only one chamber of Congress and President Trump is in the White House, McBride said movement in one chamber would be beneficial."

“It would help build momentum for us to pass the Equality Act and have it signed into law by a pro-equality president when a pro-equality president is elected into office in 2020,” McBride said. “It would help to build momentum for state legislatures and more city councils to pass inclusive non-discrimination protections.”

Yes and yes. Please do this.

Of course, had the timid Dems done so with ENDA in 2009 when they had the chance, we would be in a much better position on the Equality Act.

(Yes, we had the votes. Stop lyin'.) See here: And here: And: In fact, we had majorities in favor of ENDA in both houses. See and

But Dems were scared of their own shadows. And look where all that centrism and incrementalism and pandering got us? Trumpism.

I love you, Congressional Dems, thanks for all your comforting words during a panicky time. We heard you. And now's it's time for you to hear us.

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