Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Andraya Yearwood Knows She Has the Right to Compete

This young woman is a hero at a time in life when one shouldn't have to be expected to be a hero in order to survive. She has a legal right to be herself and a legal right to compete in sports.

"According to an NCAA handbook...the fear [of] transgender women...is 'a new iteration of the old stereotypes that kept women & girls out of sports prior to Title IX.'"

"'If she can't play, we are denying her all of the other benefits of participating in team sports, the things that have nothing to do with winning and losing,' McHaelen says. 'It has to do with developing teamwork, relationships, feeling like you belong, developing discipline.'"

 "'A level playing field is a fallacy,' says Dr. Myron Genel, Yale professor emeritus of pediatric endocrinology. He is a member of the International Olympic Committee's Medical Commission on issues regarding gender identity in athletics. 'There's so many other factors that may provide a competitive advantage,' Genel says. 'It's very hard to single out sex as the only one.'"

It isn't just the right of trans athletes that is debated. People feel free to debate our very existence, our right to participate in life, in employment, in the world. There are a million reasons people come up with why we are lesser, wrong, invalid, weird, and subject to their 'right' to be prejudiced. In Connecticut, there is a young woman who says no to all that.

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