Friday, January 25, 2019

A Nuclear Site Guard Accused Colleagues of Sexual Assault. Then She Was Fired.

The lackadaisical investigation by this nuclear power company of harassment and assault, its 'retaliation by write-up,' and insistence that they did nothing wrong, described in this NY Times article, is very common.

This kind of behavior also results in significant verdicts and settlements by management, who see it as the cost of doing business, since they get away with it so often. Most employees can't figure out how to effectively challenge it on their own because the system and the laws that govern it are Kafkaesque.

Many can't find a lawyer to help them do that. It is the system that needs to change, and that is often a main issue in a lawsuit.

This, of course, is classic: "Eventually, SOC’s human resources department told Ms. Glover that her allegations did not amount to unlawful harassment or a violation of company policies, according to a letter reviewed by The Times. SOC then fired her for scheduling infractions and for 'hostility and aggression,' according to her termination notice."

Imagine that, she was "hostile and aggressive" because she reacted like any person being told their sexual assault wasn't a violation of company policy, but taking a picture of her schedule was 'theft of confidential company documents.'

The soulless corporation is not a metaphor. It's where you work.

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