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Saturday, March 25, 2006

News: Cincinnati extends transgender protection

The Cincinnati City Council voted last week to extend discrimination protection to gay and transgender people. The new ordinance adds "sexual orientation or transgendered status" to protected categories. This language is unusual, because such laws usually use the term "gender identity." It would be interesting, particularly for employers in Cincinnati, to find out whether the ordinance has a definition of "transgendered status."

Cincinnati plays host to the headquarters of the following Fortune 500 companies: Kroger, Procter & Gamble, Federated Dept. Stores, Fifth Third Bancorp, Cinergy, American Financial Grp., Western & Southern Financial, Chiquita Brands Intl., Cintas, Convergys, and E.W. Scripps.

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Anonymous said...

The Cincinnati law uses a definition of "transgendered status" that was already used in our hate crimes ordinance, which was enacted in 2003. Here it is:

"Transgendered" shall mean the conditon or state wherein a person manifests gender characteristics, behavior, and/or self-identification typical of or commonly associated with persons of another gernder, and which may be characterized by assumption of the clothes, hairstyles, cosmetic usage or other appearance qualities commonly associated with another gender and/or by the surgical or medical modification of primary sexual organs in order to assume the gender role of another sex.

- Gary Wright, Equality Cincinnati