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Friday, March 24, 2006

News: Connecticut Legislation

Click on the purple link above to find an article about a legislative effort to add "gender identity" to Connecticut's anti-discrimination statute. Protection of "gender identity" is intended to prohibit discrimination on the basis of a person's identification as male or female, regardless of their birth sex. This means that, for example, a person born male who transitions to the female gender cannot be subjected to adverse employment actions on that basis.

Seven states and the District of Columbia currently have statutes that prohibit discrimination on the basis of "gender identity", including California, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Maine, Minnesota, Illinois and Washington. Similar state-wide legislative efforts are happening in New Jersey, Vermont and Oregon. About one hundred U.S. cities currently have such laws on the books.

Connecticut headquarters 31 Fortune 500 companies: General Electric, United Technologies, International Paper, Hartford Financial Services, Aetna, Xerox, Premcor, MeadWestvaco, Northeast Utilities, Praxair, Pitney Bowes, Emcor Group, Terex, W.R. Berkley, Stanley Works, United Rentals, Phoenix, Crompton, Silgan Holdings, Citizens Communications, Hubbell, Crane, Applera, Magellan Health Svcs., UST, United Natural Foods, Knights of Columbus, Blyth, IMS Health, Amphenol, and Star Gas Partners.

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