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Friday, March 24, 2006

Resource: Human Rights Campaign

If you click on the title above -- "Resource: Human Rights Campaign" -- it will direct you to the Human Rights Campaign, America's largest civil rights organization working to achieve gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality. This section of the HRC website is devoted to transgender workplace issues. It has three useful sections:

1) Reference: links to employers and jurisdictions that include "gender identity" as a protected category

2) Resources: guides for managers and employees

3) Policies: text of sample policies

In the left-hand column of the page, there are also the following links:

  • Terminology and Scope
  • Overview of the Law
  • Transitioning Process
  • Seeking Management Understanding
  • The Restroom Issue
  • Policy Recommendations

This is a wonderful site for those who are new to the issue. A caveat: it is my impression that much of the advice given works best for smaller organizations with more informal communication networks. Large organizations may need policies that provide more specific guidance to HR and Diversity managers.


Anonymous said...

You talk about large organizations needing different kinds of policies. My company has about 2000 employees. How large is large? How can I find policies suitable for large organizations?

Dr. Jillian Todd Weiss said...

When a company is large enough to have people devoted to diversity issues across the organization, it is much easier for a gender transition situation to "fall between the cracks" initially, unless there is a mandated notification process. This can result in tremendous workplace distraction, particularly if it occurs in a region where cultural competence in this issue is lacking. In my experience, when an organization reaches 5000 FTE or so, there are usually designated diversity officers. You can find a sample policy at http://phobos.ramapo.edu/~jweiss/policy.htm