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Friday, May 12, 2006

News: VT Gov. Raises Questions

The gender identity bill passed by the Vermont legislature still awaits the Governor's signature. It's reported that he is awaiting a bill review from various agencies and departments. Among the questions are how law enforcement would be permitted to do a search for someone in the midst of a gender change; whether new restroom or housing facilities would be needed for transgendered people in state prisons; and whether private employers face new liability.
The governor's spokesperson stressed that his concerns were technical implementation concerns and not necessarily substantive. "The governor is against discrimination of all kinds and against discrimination on any basis."

This report is interesting because it specifically lists concerns that must be addressed by any organization with a gender identity policy. As anyone following this blog knows, the questions posed are not hard to answer, but they must be answered. It will be interesting to see how Vermont answers them.

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