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Friday, March 11, 2011

Why Shouldn't You Give To GetEqual? | The Bilerico Project


Political representation comes at a price. You have to go along to get along. When LGBT organizations started demanding that politicians pass ENDA, repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell, and repeal DOMA, politicians started running for the exits. All three of these bills were declared D.O.A. in the last session of Congress. Our major lobbying organizations folded.

And then along came GetEqual.

Whatever you may say about it, GetEqual does not take it lying down. Without GetEqual and Dan Choi and 12 other brave souls chaining themselves to the White House Fence, not once, but twice, and ready to do it a third and fourth and fifth, we would not have seen DADT repeal in Congress. GetEqual held sit-ins and protests about ENDA in politicians' offices, locally and nationally, and the Capitol Rotunda.

GetEqual is also radically inclusive, including of trans activists and trans issues. That is why I have been working as the Board Chair for the past six months, and giving freely of my time and money. (There's no compensation for being Chair; actually it's my job to send money.) If you're a supporter of the idea of an effective LGBT direct action organization, one that isn't afraid to speak truth to power and kick 'em where it hurts when and if necessary, why aren't you pulling out your credit card and clicking here to donate? This is not a rhetorical question.

Right-wing fanatics have big money behind them to send their message of discrimination. Why shouldn't we have an equally loud and clear message? That message is "Discrimination is wrong. We will not be silent."

What GetEqual has accomplished in one year is startling. What it will accomplish next year is amazing.


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