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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Iowa fires 3 civil rights investigators for discriminatory emails

It is important to understand that civil rights agencies, nor, for that matter, judges, do not always understand or respect civil rights and civil rights law. Here is another story that it is wise to keep in mind.

APNewsBreak: Iowa fires 3 investigators for emails - Houston Chronicle: Three Iowa civil rights investigators have been fired after sending hundreds of gossipy emails calling co-workers derogatory nicknames like "Psycho," ''Monster," and "Roid Rage," and forwarding pictures that made fun of fat people, Wal-Mart customers and others, according to public records and interviews.

Iowa Administrative Judge James Timberland upheld their termination from the agency, noting that they traded and received emails "that made fun of and/or ridiculed obese people, gay, transgendered and/or transvestite people, elderly people, Walmart customers, African-American men, white high school students, white men, and white people generally."


Dave Velasco said...

Discrimination was always a problem in our society and we still cannot erase it totally. Even such professional have discrimination over each other that really creates problem. workplace training online

Duck Straw said...

Just a few weeks before she was fired, of the three ICRC investigators mentioned in this article had administratively closed my complaint of gender-identity based employment discrimination against my former employer, a prominent Fortune 500 Avionics design and manufacturing company. The complaint was closed three years after it had been filed with the ICRC. It was closed with the finding that there was no indication that I had been harassed for weeks and finally fired by a manager when he was told about my status as a transgender employee. The ICRC Executive Director defended the actions of the investigator stating that [her] personal hatred of transgenders did not affect her ability to conduct a fair and impartial investigation into my complaint.

Dr. Jillian T. Weiss said...

I'm sorry to hear about that mishandling of the complaint. It's all too common in administrative agencies. It helps to have a good lawyer.