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Friday, September 2, 2011

Cali. Senate Passes Gender Identity Protections

While existing California law had long been interpreted to protect trans citizens, the law has now been amended to provide explicit protections.

Cali. Senate Passes Gender Identity Protections | Care2 Causes: The California Senate this week passed a bill that would strengthen the state’s existing nondiscrimination laws to explicitly protect trans citizens.

The legislation, known as the Gender Nondiscrimination Act (AB 887), passed in a vote of 25-13. The state Assembly passed the legislation in May by 54-24.


Brittany & Kayla said...

That's fantastic! I wish we could get something like that passed here in Oklahoma, but we're notoriously behind on these things. Let's hope California continues to lead by example.

Richard Alpert said...

Any update on these protections?

And yes, bravo to California. For a state beset by many problems, from budget to traffic, the state keep its eye on the prize: a progressive society.

From embracing diversity to protecting the environment, bravo to the Golden State

Rich Alpert, diversity calendar publisher

cyndi lou said...

Thats amazing! The whole country should be taking a step into non discrimnation. I say America needs a smack of reality...we will call it the face-lift of 2012.

cyndi lou said...

This amazing! Come on Florida catch up in this race of nondiscrimination! America desperatly needs to catch up if were continuing to be a mixing pot of cultures, otherwise were just hypocrites :/

cyndi lou said...

Now Florida's turn! Congrats Cali!!