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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Important New Resource for Employees From Lambda Legal

Below is a press release from Lambda Legal for its new "Know Your Rights At Work" online resource. It has excellent practical tips for what to do if you experience harassment or other discrimination. I highly recommend it. It's the kind of thing you'll wish you read before if you start having a problem at work. The website URL is http://www.lambdalegal.org/know-your-rights/workplace

Lambda Legal Launches “Know Your Rights At Work” for LGBT and HIV+ People 

 “Among callers to our Legal Help Desk, workplace issues are a top concern year after year—second only to relationship recognition.”

 (New York, August 27, 2014) — As Labor Day approaches, Lambda Legal has launched its newest section of the Know Your Rights information hub. Know Your Rights Workplace provides information for LGBT and HIV+ people who face discrimination at work. “Among callers to our Legal Help Desk, workplace issues are a top concern year after year—second only to relationship recognition,” said Greg Nevins, Counsel and Workplace Fairness Project Strategist based in Lambda Legal’s Southern Regional Office in Atlanta. “We hope the Know Your Rights Workplace resource will help people advocate for themselves as well as assist them if issues arise.”

 The Know Your Rights: Workplace hub provides a wide range of information about the rights of employees who are LGBT or HIV positive. This hub will soon be mobile friendly as well as translated into Spanish and is a user-friendly tool for LGBT and HIV + people. It includes legal and advocacy guidance on an array of issues including:

 - What to Do If You Experience Discrimination
- The Laws that Protect You - HIV Discrimination in the Workplace
- What to Do if You are Fired
- Gender Identity Discrimination
- Your Job Search
- Immigrant Rights
- Good Company Policies
- How Unions Can Help
- Same-Sex Spousal and Partner Benefits

 This is the third Know Your Rights hub Lambda Legal has launched joining Know Your Rights: Teens and Young Adults and Know Your Rights: Transgender. The organization is planning additional Know Your Rights hubs in the coming year.

 Check out Lambda Legal’s Know Your Rights Workplace resource page: http://www.lambdalegal.org/know-your-rights/workplace

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